Brown Paper Christmas Star

A fun and easy DIY by Jacqui

Christmas may be just around the corner, but these beautiful 3D stars are quick and easy!


They aren’t limited to being just ornaments either. Here is a tutorial that uses a boring brown paper bag to create these beauties that can be in a multitude of craft projects.


Try different sizes, different paper, the ideas are endless. Don’t forget to check out my Pinterest board for more inspiration.



Tools and supplies: Glue gun and glue sticks, ruler, pencil, twine/ string/ cord, scissors, tacky glue and a brown paper bag (used here is 8 x 6 x 14)


1.    Start with the brown paper bag still folded. Measure 4 inches down the length of the bag, mark with a pencil.


2.    Cut the bag, be sure to keep it folded.


3.    Open up the bag. Cut up the sides and the front and back of the bag.


4.    Using the original fold from the brown paper bag, cut the side panels in two. Using one of the rectangles, measure the front and back panels to create a total of 4 rectangles. You will need 2 rectangles for one star.




5.    Fold the rectangle to create a square.


6.    Cut. Set aside the excess, you will be needing it later.





7.    Fold the opposite way creating an “X”. Note: Make sure that the two folds are on the same side—let’s call them “mountains.”


8.    Fold the square again, now making a “+”. These are now the “valley” folds.






9.    Flip your square over. On the “+” folds cut a slit about a 1/3 of the way up. Fold the new section towards the “valley” fold. Repeat this to all four sides making four points.








10.    This is what your two squares, back and front, will look like.






11.    Using your glue gun, place a line of hot glue using the guide marks as seen in the diagram above. Overlap the two flaps to create the 3D point. Repeat this to all four points.


12.    It doesn’t matter which flap goes over which. It will turn out the same.





13.    Using the excess that was set aside earlier, cut into strips to “patch up” the hole of the star.


14.    It’s ok if there are still some gaps showing.







15.    Add a bead of hot glue to one of the points. Tack down the twine.


16.    Make a loop. Tack down with a bead of hot glue.






17.    Cover the font and back of the point with tacky glue. Start winding the twine towards the base of the point. Tack down the end of the twine on the back of the point.


18.    You can go as far down as you like. 





19.    Glue the two halves together with a large bead of glue in the center. Note: the front of the star is the “+” while the back is the “X”



Hang these stars on your tree or around your house. Modify them to make garland, mobiles, & wreaths, the sky is the limit! Enjoy!

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